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  1. Banned

    i will look in to it and somone will let you know
  2. Topic Author Badge Added

    cool, thanks!
  3. How to remove the intro videos

  4. Wanna get to the game menu fast? Delete the following files from your Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands/videos folder: Nvidia.bk2 Ubisoft_Logo.bk2 VIDEO_EXPERIENCE.bk2 that is all you need to do :)
  5. ACS on a Takedown

    next time don't beat the guy up you might get information from him rofl
  6. Ghost Recon - Crash Report

    talk to me on teamspeak i will try to help you :)
  7. Here is a full rundown of what's in the DLC pass, as written by Ubisoft: One week early access to two major expansions: Narco Road: Players will infiltrate a gang of smugglers and take part in crazy races and challenges to earn their infamous leader's trust and destroy them from the inside. Gamers will be able to meet new bosses and travel the wildlands in new vehicles. Fallen Ghosts: During an evacuation mission, the Ghosts' chopper is shot down and the squad will need to adapt as they’re tracked down by an elite group of ruthless mercenaries. Players will fight a new powerful enemy, learn new skills and unlock weapons to complete their mission. The Unidad Conspiracy missions: Players will work to break down and destabilize the alliance between Santa Blanca and Unidad in the Media Luna province. The Peruvian Connection pack: Players will be able to play through the Peruvian Connection mission as well as receive seven gear patches Faction themed equipment packs Rebellion Ghost Pack: Players can don an outfit inspired by the brave Katari 26 rebels. They will also unlock a unique AK-47 equipped with a bigger magazine and customized with unique engraving work. Unidad Ghost Pack: Players dominate enemies with an Unidad outfit so they can attack Unidad camps dressed just like one of them. They will also unlock a unique Unidad LMG weapon, customized with the colors of Unidad, and equipped with a red dot scope and a larger magazine. Santa Blanca Ghost Pack: With a Santa Blanca-inspired outfit, players can mimic their style without joining their ranks. This pack also unlocks the Santa Blanca golden M1911, customized with engravings and the mark of the cartel, for players to unleash chaos on the cartel. Exclusive vehicle: Bolivian Minibus Digital content Permanent +5% XP booster for the player Single-use short XP booster: +50% XP for the player and +25% XP for other players in the session, expires two hours from time of use. In terms of free post-release content, Ubisoft will add head-to-head multiplayer to Wildlands after release. This will be in the form of a 4v4 mode. More details will be announced later. Ubisoft did not announce release dates or windows for any of Wildlands' post-release content. The DLC pass costs $40. There is also a Gold edition (containing the game and the DLC pass) that goes for $100. In other news, the Wildlands betas attracted 6.8 million players, setting a new record for Ubisoft. The game launches in full this coming Tuesday, March 7.
  8. Battlefield roots project

    I believe the same way as you do gator
  9. Battlefield 1 Fall Update 11152016

    cool but i found this out this morning just never got around to typing it lol
  10. Teamspeak Changes

    ok ty for the info
  11. Proposed Server Names?

    i like this one The-Armory.net Hardcore Conquest - Friendly Admins - No Stupid Rules
  12. Argonne Forest 123 kills

    i call bs on that
  13. battlefield 1

    lol this is funny
  14. The Fallout 4 pip-boy app

    Here is the fallout 4 app the game out today for Android -- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bethsoft.falloutcompanionapp&hl=en for ios Apple --https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fallout-pip-boy/id1049061806?mt=8 have fun with them