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  1. Was 6th in queue a couple hours ago, early afternoon. Not bad.
  2. The new map is terrible in my opinion. It's like the smallest map in the game and no matter where you spawn, there will be someone shooting at you. Even the main bases are so close to the first flags. Constant grenade spam and people hiding in corners since it's a dark map.
  3. Fort De Vaux

    From the main game, St. Quentin Scar. From the expansion, Soissons.
  4. Fort De Vaux

    I prefer the maps with vehicles.
  5. You are not going to believe this

    That's dumb. Mapvote doesn't even change the fundamentals of the game lol. Neither does idle kick time limit. I'm 6th in queue right now. Past few days i've sat in our server for a while and nobody ever joined.
  6. New suez layout on CTE

    People are saying the Ottomans win in blowout fashion almost every time. There's no fixing that map unless they just scrap the entire thing and start over.
  7. Battalion 1944 Publisher announced!

    It's a good thing Square Enix is only publishing and not developing. Being a Japanese publisher, they're known for heavily favoring Playstation 4 so support for their PC and Xbox One versions of games is almost non-existent. Maybe things will be different here. I've experienced it myself with a few of their games.
  8. That's what I thought.
  9. Is this server normal, hardcore, or custom? I'm in there right now and while the server settings say that the HUD is on, as well as minimap among other things,but there's no HUD or minimap. Not sure if it's because the round hasn't started or the server needs to be restarted. Or if the server settings are just wrong. Or if the rental servers are still screwed up.
  10. Ghost Recon Wildland.

    Yeah I'm in the beta that starts tomorrow. I haven't played a Ghost Recon game in ages. if I like the beta I might buy the game.
  11. BF4 making comeback on PC?

    People are probably just waiting on the first expansion. Can only play the same 9/10 maps for so long.
  12. PC Gaming Revenue in 2016

  13. If you don't have the game yet you can get it for that price now for a few more days I imagine.
  14. https://www.battlefield.com/news/article/they-shall-not-pass-battlefield-1-expansion Releasing March 2017, They Shall Not Pass* will be the first Battlefield™ 1 expansion. Featuring all-new maps, new weapons, and the new playable French Army faction, They Shall Not Pass will truly expand the theater of all-out war. Though we don’t want to give too much away at this point we have something special for you: concept exploration images from the DICE team. These images represent the studio’s vision of the battlefields you’ll encounter in They Shall Not Pass. Read on and learn what inspired the charred landscapes, muddy trenches, and close-quarter environments. The stories of the heroic garrison inside of Fort Vaux inspired us deeply, they fought a tough battle for every inch in the dark in these underground corridors. Down here in the maze of dark galleries the French and Germans fought ferociously with grenades, flamethrowers, and poison gasses. Around 1 million shells were fired in the opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun. This created massive forest fires around the fortified city and the battlefields surrounding it. Soldiers tell stories of being able to see these fires from far away. We really wanted to capture this initial fighting in a battle that came to be known as the Devil’s Anvil. The initial fighting around Verdun quickly transformed villages like Samogneux and entire forests into shadows of their former self. Verdun turned into the longest battle of the war lasting 9 months which completely transformed it. We wanted our players to be part of these initial intense attacks in the cold February of 1916. Some 40 million artillery shells were fired over the course of the battle at Verdun, pulverizing the ground, turning the earth into a shattered lunar landscape. And underneath some of these trenches, tunnels and underground fortresses provide for new experiences yet unexplored in Battlefield 1. In contrast to Verdun the Battle of Soissons in late 1918 inspired us to create a new set of maps that captures the massive French tank assaults. The fighting revolves around key bridges over the Aisne River and something big lurks around the village of Fismes. If you want a head start with They Shall Not Pass, a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass** will grant you this – and much more. Apart from two-week early access to all four expansions, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass comes with priority server access, 20 new weapons, 14 free Superior Battlepacks, unique Dog Tags, and more. Kinda lame that it doesn't release until March 2017 though. Maybe we can get a good deal somewhere on Premium before then.
  15. There needs to be a rear view camera option for the planes like there was in BF2 so you could see if your bombs landed where you wanted them to.