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  1. Reverse Censorship

    I was cracking up over this
  2. Hell Let Loose

    Apparently, you have never heard of Squad. 50/50 is a normal thing now :p
  3. Battlefield 2018.

    If they do another WW2, Ide like to see that they bring back the ability to drive battleships and carriers and have submarines. Would love to see 2143, I miss Titan mode.
  4. How fast is your reaction time?

    Fastest was 220
  5. Bf1 premium for free

    So if I have the standard version and I never bought the expansions packs, I can play now with the current version? Or would I still have to upgrade?
  6. Enjoy https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5aa_1499023743
  7. Battlefield 1 Signature (Armory style)

    I'm using Firefox. I see it now.
  8. Battlefield 1 Signature (Armory style)

    Well I suck, they cant find me =(
  9. Netflix Has some new competition

    Hulu is better than Netflix anyways. Hulu usually has better newer movies and the latest tv show for a series.
  10. May the 4th be worth you.

    Lol this was great
  11. Video: The Division Free Weekend May 4 - May 8

    The Division was a great game. it just ended too soon.
  12. Video: AEUHHH????

    W......T......F...... I use to watch that show, was a great show :p
  13. EA now offering Origin Access for $30 annually

    I used it for awhile, right before battlefield 1 came out. Got a discount on the game, early access and got to play some games for free. It's a dope deal. I would definitely recommend it. $30 for the year is definitely a great deal.
  14. Game Avatar for Danbaron

    Yah! thanks
  15. Game Avatar for Danbaron

    Gator can you make me one with this picture? https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=726966