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  1. Hello to all

    Sorry for not noticing sooner, but HOLY COW! Its Speaks! Been a long time buddy.
  2. Can't log into Battlelog


    Nice to hear form you Phrogg. Miss the dolphin dives.
  4. Star Wars anyone ?

    I've still got it pre-ordered.
  5. What's your "A" Squad Composed of

    My ideal squad would be; GATORNADE (squad leader) LFM1 DANBARON REBELSMILEY Ace Squad every round.
  6. Post Your Setup - 2015

  7. You want changes to the site?

    I think it would be neat if we had a little service badge next to our names showing how long we've been a member of the site.
  8. Happy Birthday ThomasPC!

  9. Wifi for new computer

    Roger, sounds pretty solid.
  10. Wifi for new computer

    So Gator, nothing plugs directly into the PC?
  11. Wifi for new computer

    Hello again everyone. I fairly recently bought all the components to build a new PC to get back into online gaming, except for someway to get wireless onto my new computer. What are yall's thoughts on wireless adapters and such for a new PC and which ones you'd think work best? Thanks in advance.
  12. Happy Birthday ThomasPC!

  13. Calling all old schoolers....

    First time on in about a year, thinking about getting battlefield 3 for the comp for myself as well. Hope to see yall there
  14. COD6: Modern Warfare for $39.82

    Alright, thanks
  15. COD6: Modern Warfare for $39.82

    is this specifically for PC or for Xbox as well?