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  1. Cheater on PVP

    thats crazy shit
  2. PVP delay release

    I cant wait for this new patch I just got a new chair for my computer desk so now I can actually play without my back killing me https://www.walmart.com/ip/Best-Choice-Products-Executive-Racing-Gaming-Office-Chair-PU-Leather-Swivel-Computer-Desk-High-Back-Blue/49949118
  3. BF1 Server Rented - TAC Platoon Created

    Thank you
  4. BF1 Server Rented - TAC Platoon Created

    my self Bravoinf and my son wurzburgknight ok thanks
  5. Call of Duty Returning to WWII Roots

    they go back to there roots I just might grab it
  6. Windows 10 creator upgrade

    its still a no go giving me the same error
  7. Windows 10 creator upgrade

    I will check it out thanks
  8. Windows 10 creator upgrade

    every time I try to do the upgrade it keeps saying windows 10 will not run on this PC funny because im running windows 10 the it gives a reason it says the CPU isn't supported 1Ghz required my CPU is an Intel core i7 4790K CPU @4.00GHz think anyone could help I cant find anything at Microsoft
  9. The Armory Clan Task Force

    I just put in my request ok
  10. WWI insignia

    cool nice find
  11. Invisible hacker

    wow hackers just take the fun out of playing video games I wish there was no way to hack they also had this back in BF2 I caught one on our server then I brought out the BAN hammer and nailed him I miss being an admin. :)
  12. Infantry Leads the Way Climb to Glory 10th Mountain Division Light US Army

  13. Battlefield 1 – The Road Ahead

    cool thanks for info
  14. Admins Wanted!

    I would love to be an Admin again like I was in the old days but its been a while so I am interested but that's up to you guys I have been playing BF1 lately
  15. Proposed Server Names?

    I would leave out the Friendly Admin part but is just me