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    Glad to see you signed up, even though it's been a few days since this was posted lol. I'm new here too but welcome, was great playing with you!
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    @weaponmaster011 and i will join tomorrow night! i'm excited to play the new maps, haven't played this game in months though so we'll see how it goes
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    Supposedly classic is coming but they would not answer about presets. BTW server is still full from last night. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
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    When I get on. I'll definitely let down the mortar to suppress. Support FTW Hello And welcome to the server and forums.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome!! Was a blast pew pewing with you guys!!
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    WTFMoses does a good overview here: Full patch notes: http://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/2533687504393796928 A few things of note that I find a huge change off the top of my head... 1) Fap Shacks are set to be fully destructible not just the doors so toss in a nade and the thing comes apart. Also I assume , will need to test, this should mean that like doors you can blast a hole in them with weapons as well and shoot the campers. Great change IMHO. 2) Red dot, and maybe holos can be attached to pistols except the revolvers. That will be awesome as well. Makes pistols, esp the new G18, a pretty decent alternative. 3) When playing in duos or squads if you do the most damage and a teammate gets the kill you will now receive kill credit and they get an assist! Can't count the number of times I get the knockdown only to have a teammate take the killing blow and I get no credit. Stuff I'm on the fence about: 1) UMP is getting a recoil nerf. It needs one but damn I liked the minimal recoil but it did make it a bit OP. 2) Vector/Ump now support burst fire mode. I hope that's in addition to full auto else I probably will never pick one up again. That's the main reason I dont take the M16 unless no other potions are available. It should have semi, burst, AND full auto but only supports the first two. We shall see. Burst will get you killed fast in this game. Anyway check out the full video /patch notes. LOTS of changes happening to the game . I'd like to add as well IMHO server lag has gotten a lot better. Still have some in bigger cities with items spawning in but overall it's been a lot better since last patch. Now I have to relearn where to fire as far as lead and all go lol.
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    Do this to get all the weapons skins in BF1. Step 1: Start Origin Step 2: Right click on BF1 in Origin, select Game properties Step 3: Click on Advanced Launch options Step 4: Insert the following code under Command line arguments: -SyncedBFSettings.AllUnlocksUnlocked true (make sure you include the dash) Step 5: Click Save And now you have all the weapon skins! Please note that if you want to remove this feature you just simply have to remove the code from command line arguments. Also, although it shows that you have unlocked all weapons and skins, those weapons that you have not previously unlocked will remain locked, and choosing the selected locked weapon and spawning with it will result in you not having a weapon to fire at all. (Eg: selecting Lewis Gun but not unlocked with warbonds yet) PS: Vehicle skins don't work too its purely weapon skins only
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    Xfactor goes over the changes coming in todays patch. Pro tips: 1) Stay the hell out of the wooden shacks cause you can shoot through them, Drive through them , Etc etc. They offer NO protection now. 2) AR ammo is limited. If you kill someone take every piece you can because it's HARD to find now. See below for the rest. It seems the new pistol is the go to micro uzi replacement.
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    Thank you robotic Gator, glad to support
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    I will do my best to help yall out and idle to get it going. I'm usually home by 1-2pm PST. The DLC has really helped improve the game. The new bigger maps and more weapons have made a huge difference in gameplay.
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    It can take up to 2 hours to get it started. Not that much fun. We need more guys..................to help
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    Got home, ate and logged on to the PC to patch and the server already had a 7 person deep queue.
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    With the help of Slow202 and patches65, we were able to start the server today. I sent out invitations to about 15 people, and nobody responded. To be successful at running a server, we need all hands on deck to help get it started. At least come in the server and park your player/character. It will help us get the required player count much faster. Once started, it will continue throughout the night. Special thanks to all members who have donated their precious time over the past month or so, and double special thanks to Sharp65, Danbaron, Axlerod, Roadrunner, Slow202, and especially ACS who does not even play the game at the moment but donates his time and resources to help get the server started. There are others who come in sporadically, but these guys are here almost every single day. Without them, the server would not get started every day.
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    I guess I'm just kind of jaded at the moment. BF1 has pretty much lost all appeal to me due to the changes they are making and more importantly those they refuse to make. I SOOO want to build up a classic mode server yet two of the easiest features they could implement, Official Presets for Core, HC, and classic modes, and making them official presets in the server browser with associated Preset based QM feeds, remain ignored. Honestly the code for this exists and can basically be copied, pasted and then tweaked. These would benefit the clans more than anything and make the RSP program levels better. I posted on the CTE forum today basically begging them to pass the info along to whomever should see it but hold out little hope it will even be noted by them. Pretty much disgusted with the whole thing as it is now. Glad you guys are able to get the server up and running and wish I felt compelled to play the game it's just not really turning my cranks at the moment but as you all know I'm a cranky old bastard so who knows.
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    As of 9am. The server is full with 8 in que Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
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    I banned him for racial comments
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    I personally ping 120ish all the time to the TAC server because I'm on the west coast. We have the ping soft lock feature turned off for 100 ping.
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    I just installed a new patch for Tapatalk so your devices should function properly as it did before.
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    @weaponmaster011 weekend trip?
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    Nom. Perfect for squad play. I can't wait for this mode!
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    Server's been full all day, currently a pretty big queue.
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    Hey guys, I saw your post and am very interested in seeing what you guys are all about as a community. I am newer to the game for only a week or so and am level 20. I ranked up purely as Medic (lvl 6), I am not out to get the highest kill to death ratio, I am all about flags/helping the team and winning. I have mostly been in the top 6 or so players on my team as I focus on flag capture and reviving people (almost always highest medic score and points per minute.) I am looking for a group of guys who want to work as a group, push flags, have a great time. I am 33 and I have kids and a wife so my time is mostly limited to nights. Let me know if you guys have any interest in playing a few with me and seeing if I am a player you are looking for. Your forum community alone is impressive!!! Thanks guys, Targus(Kyle)
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    You can rate the video here: Anthem Official Gameplay
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    There are various schools of thought on this topic, but when it comes to Battlefield, there is benefit of having hyper-threading with an i7. It really all depends on the game and how much it utilizes CPU - large multiplayer games like Battlefield typically do. I noticed a huge difference in performance when playing Civilization VI on my i7-6700K over my i5-6500. Here is a really great review from Digital Foundry. You'll notice it makes little or no difference on some games, and quite a huge difference on others. The place where I've seen little to no performance gains in reviews is when moving up beyond four cores and eight threads, to 6/12, 8/16.
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    What is this day 10? Server was full this morning!!! If you have not played BF1 in months, you need to try it again. Things have improved!
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    dude is was great having another flag capper with us Join us anytime
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    When I built my PC about a year ago, everything I read said you don't need an i7 for gaming. Most games don't use more than 4 cores. I guess it's been a year though, so that has probably changed lol I run a skylake i5-6600k along with 16gb ram and 970gtx and get zero studder on BF1 with max settings. I don't really see any games on the horizon that will be more graphically intensive then bf1.. but i'm sure when that 3 year mark hits your talking about ill be upgrading
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    do not buy a new generation i5 please people, they last only for 3 years and then you get bottlenecking on the latest games
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    anyone getting on today? I have all day, need to get game time in, have 3 days off coming up!
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    Thanks guys, all is well again. Wife is on blood thinners and her clotting factor got dangerously low. So much so that she was leaking fluids from her capillaries into her tissues. They have reversed the issue and will adjust her medications as needed. She's back home now and feeling much better. Thanks for the well wishes guys.
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    I'm using Firefox. I see it now.
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    Well I suck, they cant find me =(
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    well darn i clearly dont know what im doing help
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    Gator, Slow and I got it also.
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    Will be patching as soon as I get home today and will jump in the queue. Will see how it goes from there.
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    Great, another night with a full server and the crew is starting to come back. Lets try to start getting everyone on tomorrow at 6:00pm Eastern
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    Day 7 and things are going great. If you have not been playing, join us. I get on around 6:30 or so and gator and the guys usually have the server full by then.
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