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    LOL caught this crew on the Lumber Mill and chased them in their base. Assasin is good on tight maps, FYI. They all left the next game.
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    Biatch! Leave the kids alone! lol
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    Microsoft started rolling out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to PCs earlier this week, complete with features like Windows Mixed Reality and people integration for the taskbar. While most of the new additions are obvious, Microsoft quietly added an anti-cheat feature for games. The software giant first revealed the feature in a Windows 10 Insider build back in July, promising to share more information. VG247 reports that Microsoft is now documenting its new “TruePlay” anti-cheat feature, and it’s designed for game developers to combat activity like aimbots or wallhacks. LIMITED TO UWP GAMES FOR NOW It appears to be similar to Valve’s own ant-cheating software (VAC), and the system collects data within games and generates alerts when there’s something out of the ordinary. Developers will receive the information if TruePlay determines there’s something particularly nefarious going on. TruePlay is disabled by default at the moment in the gaming settings for Windows 10, but Microsoft is starting to make the API available to developers. Developers will be able to use TruePlay in their Microsoft Store games, so this is limited to Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games for now. There aren’t many of those in the Microsoft Store just yet outside of Forza, Cuphead, and other Microsoft Studios games, but Microsoft has been trying to tempt developers to adopt its Xbox Play Anywhere system to offer the same game across Xbox One and Windows 10. This might be a useful feature in the future, but as it’s limited to UWP it doesn’t really address the games that people are actually cheating in today. https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/19/16503452/microsoft-windows-10-fall-creators-update-trueplay-anti-cheat-gaming
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    No rental server No anti cheat system No server browser NO Thank You. Not wasting time or effort and especially money on this one. The SWBF2 forums are full of hate right now. LOL This is a shame, Star Wars is the best movie out there. EA/DICE has ruined this game franchise for me. This is going to be the 4th failure in a row for DICE and EA. They better start taking some notes from PUBG.
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    After COD Black ops, Activision came out and said "they do not care about the PC market" I gave up. AS most PC players. If you get the game, do not purchase any DLC because there will be no servers to play it on as well as people to play with. Until Activision changes how they feel about the PC market, I will not buy any games produced by activision.
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    I agree about the "dick" move. They are offering it on Netflix for customers in 188 different countries except ours... They are spending between 8 - 8.5 million dollars per episode to give us spectacular CGI, cinematography, and sound. I read somewhere that the deal they made with Netflix paid for the costs of the episodes, and they will profit from the All Access and Blu-ray disks and other fan sale items. After watching episodes 1 & 2, I can't wait until the next episode. My expectations were high for the series, and they met them. They included variations of the many sounds such as the pinging sound on the bridge from the original series, as well as making the phasors and communicators similar in design. The sets look fantastic, and the storyline seems very solid. I have been a fan since the original release (yes, I watched them live/first broadcast as a kid). I am a huge, huge fan of Star Trek, and yes, I will pay those bastards to see it.
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    Apparently EA is seeing DLC sales numbers, and end users plummet since the 3 rd month of BF1 launch. Preorders for their new star wars game is down 60% on pc.. Someone at disney told EA they would be losing the star wars i.p for good if sales of the new battle front 2 game were worse than the first game. EA has been shitting their pants for the last 9 months because they never planned on dealing with pc public hacks beyond what FF was already doing.. The source inside EA claims 5 ex hackers were employed for the last 9 months to rectify the problem, since sales have slumped so badly on dlc's. This came from an unknown source DICE employee My advice to you guys, is not to piss around with public hacks at all, and if you don't know how to get around a rootkit client side scanner beyond November 17 2017 (SWBF2 Release), don't run any hacks at all unless you want an instant ban. EA focus groups found that perma banned players would 90% of the time re-buy the game and play it legit.. With only 10% not re-buying their product. IT might be put in to other EA games sometime later this month as a trial run.. This is good news for us. That was from the well to do hack group. EA is getting real worried.
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    I think there must be better quality of players in the evening. You never play like this when I am on your team. LOL
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    Again and again.....with the right team....always easy
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    I can't do trackball all either, but one of ours (JJedsr) swears by it.
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    In BF 2018 rumor news: Sources close to Dice and EA state that there is a new Battlefield project underway called “Battlefield Unthinkable”. It is unclear if this will be the final name of the project but for now I will refer to it as “BFU”. BFU is supposedly set in an alternate version of the 1960s where the cuban missile crisis escalates into nuclear war between the united states and the soviet union. From there players find themselves in a world war III set in the 1960s/70s using vietnam style equipment across the globe. Two missions that have been described are set in cuba during the united states invasion and west berlin during a soviet offensive. Campaign moves away from “war stories” and focuses on a group of soldiers rather than an individual during three distinct campaigns. One multiplayer map has been described as havana during the 1960s and it is codenamed “havana_day”. Operations are also rumored to be returning on a bigger scale with branching storylines for each operation. 64vs64 will also become available for PC players- no details on console users. Overall the game has a very “fallout vibe” when it comes to the setting, like america during the 1950s/60s. You will be fighting on the american homefront as well which will be the first battlefield game to feature this since hardline. This is not from any of my sources and sounds like black ops to me but hey we shall see "SOON".
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    Greetings, Battlefield players! We will be restarting all Battlefield 1 servers on October 13th to address a queuing issue affecting players attempting to connect to matches. During these restarts, all Battlefield 1 players will be disconnected from online play. Please note the following times/durations: PC: BF1 MP will be offline for 15 minutes starting at 800 UTC / 1AM PDT. PS4: BF1 MP will be offline for 15 minutes starting at 815 UTC / 1:15AM PDT. Xbox One: BF1 MP will be offline for 15 minutes starting at 830 UTC / 1:30AM PDT. Thank you for your patience and we’ll see you on the battlefield! The Teams at EA/DICE This is to help ease lag issues on the servers.
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    I cant wait for this new patch I just got a new chair for my computer desk so now I can actually play without my back killing me https://www.walmart.com/ip/Best-Choice-Products-Executive-Racing-Gaming-Office-Chair-PU-Leather-Swivel-Computer-Desk-High-Back-Blue/49949118
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    Really ? Whilst we are all waiting some get to play it? Painful that is......
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    a couple threads have been started by an actual dev looking into this. Gator give your input please. Like I said, this is not isolated to just our server. This isn't even talking about the lag experience players are talking about either which is another issue. RSP currently has a ton of issues. Things that were known to be a problem in CTE but was launched anyways. With DICe not doing anything to improve server quality and putting RSP on the back burn has now really hurt the player experience for many gamers. At least this time, it sounds like they are working on it. So that means they are not working on adding new features. https://streamable.com/6oi66 jaqubajmal DICE DEV Yes, this is as designed. If we detect that the experience is not optimal we attempt to fix it when the round ends.
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    Recent Highlights With the latest update released on October 2nd, we are testing a fix to resolve the major rubberbanding issue that numerous players had reported. And now with both PC and console updates released in unison, we are happy to say that all platforms are on the same version, which will allow for a faster turnover of addressing issues raised by you, the Community. New Features & Improvements Server Improvements Rubberbanding Fix Full update notes here Top Reported CTE Issues & Bugs Lessening smoke effects when firing your gun or hitting the environment We are tracking this issue internally and aim to have it fixed in a future update. Spawning at a different location to one selected↗ Fix currently in development Top CTE Feedback Adjusting Aim Assist/Auto-Rotation Being investigated Give players incentives to play CTE↗ Being worked on. Upcoming Highlights* For future CTE updates; Among other things, we aim to mitigate the ADAD spam fix, look to test new changes done to spawn improvements and gather more data and feedback on the latest weapon changes. Please keep an eye on communication for coming CTE events and help us populate servers, and keep the feedback coming. See you on the Battlefield! — The Teams at EA/DICE
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    You wont see any because it is a beta. Just like in BF1 CTE you won't see unbalanced scores. Wait until the game comes out. See my above post. Will I be buying Battlefront 2 when it comes out? Absolutely not. I wouldn't pay more than $25 or $30 for this game. Here's why (and yes I know its a beta, but the issues with the game are fundamental game designs/mechanics): 1. The Gunplay: The biggest issue and the most important part of a shooter. It's still far too casual, it feels like they haven't changed ANYTHING from the past game. There are still NO movement penalties when it comes to accuracy, crouching doesn't make you more accurate, and the ADS is utter ****. Most guns hardly feel more accurate when using ADS, everyone is still shooting from the hip (because why not?), and for guns WITH iron sights, when you use ADS, you don't even look down the iron sights! You just...lean your head in? Squint a little? Really? Are you kidding me? The gunplay in this game is still absolute trash. I do agree with other posters that the blaster bolts seem a little too small as well. And still no secondary weapons, no side arms? Oh, don't worry friends, I'll be addressing the star card system further down. The weapon customization is laughable as well. So we can't modify any starting blasters, and there's only three attachments for the other weapons? That's nuts. Only one choice of sights, only one choice of stock, etc? Come on. That is just insulting. You're supposed to give the players choices. And there still isn't ammunition, which is funny, because as far as I know EVERY Star Wars game up until the EA Battlefront's used ammo. In the movies, and in TV shows, you can both see clips on weapons and even people reloading them. So I still don't get why all the guns are magically unlimited. The fact that there isn't destructible environments at all is weird too.... We're shooting ultra hot plasma bolts and rockets at each other. You're telling me that things wouldn't be collapsing, melting, and exploding? Really? Its like we're shooting at each other with paintball guns. There is no excuse for this. 2. The Class/Progression System: Also very poorly thought out. Now, I have no problem with loot crates. I'm even fine with people being able to BUY loot crates. But the way the progression system is designed is just completely ridiculous. You can ONLY progress through loot crates and the **** star card system. You can get 100 kills as an assault with your starting weapon, but you won't make a lick of actual progress. You'll just get some credits and hope that you get what you're looking for. That is DUMB, DICE! Why?! You should make progress by USING certain guns (i.e. you kill X amount as an assault, you make progress to unlocking more assault guns/gadgets). Look at how EVERY SINGLE OTHER FPS WORKS. Look at Titanfall, Call of Duty, Battlefield, any single other AAA FPS. You are just trying to force your gimmicky star card system on us and make money off of microtransactions at the same time by FORCING the progression to be tied to the star cards. That really isn't cool. There are better ways of incorporating microtransactions, and EA/DICE uses it for their other games! So why are they greasing us like this here? Also - no medic? No revives, 3. Vehicles: A joke. Poorly implemented, a ridiculously small selection, and they don't seem to have much impact. On Theed for example, the starfighters are essentially useless (Theed is a cool concept, but it is a poorly made map in practice - not fun at all). And again, the whole 'star card for customizing' system is ****. It doesn't feel like there's many choices and they aren't fun to unlock. I don't feel a sense of accomplishment or reward when I get a star card - I just feel annoyed. The LAAT is UTTER ****. You can really tell they just slapped that one in there to try and appease people on the forums. It is completely useless. You can't get any kills with it, it's on rails, and it is weak. That thing should be a controllable, multi man platform of raining death. A mobile spawn point, able to deploy troopers in the middle of a battle. But nope. It's just some on rails distraction that gives the Separatist fighters an easy kill. 4. Gamemodes: Nothing really special. Strike is fun, I will admit that. It is easily the best mode in the game. Starfighter Assault is ok, but it doesn't seem like it will hold peoples' attention for long. The starfighters don't handle the way you'd expect them too - I can't quite put my finger on it, but they're just kind of wonky. While certainly an improvement over the fighters of the first game, its still just....... meh. Galactic Assault is a cool concept, but it isn't fun at all. Theed is poorly designed, it is too small, and the player count is trash. 20 versus 20? No thank you, I'll stick with Battlefield and their proper warfare. I also feel like we'll be shafted with the maps - as in we'll have one galactic assault map and one star fighter assault map for each era at launch. That is going to get so old, so fast. And there isn't even just a classic conquest gamemode, which has been the staple gamemode of BOTH Battlefield (the game that Battlefront is based off of) AND the original Battlefront games. That is unacceptable. 5. Heroes/Reinforcements: Seems really gimpy. The heroes suck (and don't even get me started on the fact that there will be cross era heroes in the game). The reinforcements too seem pretty useless - the flametrooper comes to mind especially. Around half way through yesterday I stopped spending my battlepoints completely - I had seen all that I needed to. 6. Squads **many of you have probably read this already** : Being assigned with people at random? No way to communicate with them or give orders? No squad leader? No way to squad up with your friends? Very few people in practice are going to stick together for some little points boost, there really isn't any point in working as a team. It feels like something that was just slapped together quickly and thrown in the game so the developers can go "oh well look how deep are game is now, wow, much depth!" Eh, not quite. I think the squad system should at least SOMEWHAT resemble the tried and true system that has been used in Battlefield games for YEARS. I know a lot of the casual fanboys will crawl out of the woodwork at the mention of Battlefield ("hurrr this is Battlefront, it's supposed to be different!") but lets get this clear: the developers shouldn't strive to be "unique" if it means using objectively worse gameplay ideas. We all know how quickly people stopped playing the first EABF (whether you want to admit it or not), and that is because under the visual polish it was a very simple, very BAD game (once again, whether you want to admit it or not). I fear that this game still isn't complex enough - it still adheres to the idea that "less is more" and "the simpler the better". Even games like Call of Duty are infinitely more complex than both EABFs, and that should say something. Frankly I don't see any argument as to why we SHOULDN'T have at least the squad system from Battlefield. How would that hurt? How could that possibly not improve the experience for players, especially among friends who have partied up together? Conclusion: This plays like a bad indie game. Worse, it plays like the original EABF. It has no depth to it whatsoever. It is clearly aimed towards very casual, or very young gamers. Here's the issue with that: casuals either won't play your game very often (because they are casual gamers), or they will become more robust gamers and will crave something that your game simply cannot offer. They will move on to a proper shooter. Young kids might stay on longer, but most too will probably crave something more once the "Star Wars magic" wears off. And that's the problem. EA is still trying to rely on the magic of Star Wars, and on our collective nostalgia, to sell games. Because of that, they have given us a bad game. This isn't fun, it isn't going to join the pantheon of truly great Star Wars games (of which there are many - Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando, the originalBattlefront games, the first Force Unleashed, X-Wing/TIE-Fighter, etc). It is mind boggling because DICE is the developer of one of today's greatest shooter series, yet they've given us a hot mess. There is SO much potential for a proper Star Wars war game. It would be the greatest game ever, it would completely smash sales records, and it would be remembered as a truly brilliant moment in gaming. This is not that game.
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    https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/125909/server-keeps-kicking-players-and-changing-maps#latest These are my post on the issues. We are not the only ones.
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    https://www.theverge.com/2017/6/15/15807138/sony-playstation-cross-network-play-xbox-block-response Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    But Rogue they changed the game engine. I would still play the game if it felt like COD4. But it doesnt. COD4 was fluid and much slower than what is happening now. Not to say that we had dedicated servers. Oh well they broke it. Sent from my SM-G928G using Tapatalk
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    It was awesome, I was merely saying that the new one feels exactly like playing a game that is ten years old, not much has changed in this new one!
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    I played one round, and its going to need A LOT MORE rounds to like it! It's been a Long, Long time since I have Played the COD franchise!
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    Looking forward to more Windows/Xbox cross play games in the future. Currently playing Forza: Horizon 3 on both depending on where I want to play. Really cool feature.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/techcrunch.com/2017/09/26/ataribox-will-be-an-open-linux-based-console-priced-starting-at-249/amp/#ampshare=https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/26/ataribox-will-be-an-open-linux-based-console-priced-starting-at-249/ Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
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    Sooner then I thought it would be, good stuff.
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    You can rate the video here: Star Trek: Discovery Stars Weigh In On THAT Pivotal Moment From Episode 1
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    Since BF1 added the Mosin Nagant to the game, i thought id share a picture of my Mosin. I changed it to an archangel stock so that it wouldnt hurt the shoulder as bad as the metal butt plate from the original stock
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    sandals and socks.................... get out.
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    Ok so from the title I'm sure you can tell I'm less than pleased with the new Star Trek. Well let me say what I saw of it was ok but it was quite possibly the biggest dick move in the history of TV. First the show was an hour long. well the episode was about 20-25 min long the rest of the time was an endless stream of commercials. The episode itself was basically an extended trailer. We saw most of it in the released trailer that was posted here. Now for the huge dick move. If you want to see any more of it you have to sub to CBS all access. There are Two options 5.99 /mo with commercials ( yes they want you to PAY to watch commercials the companies have already paid for) and 10.99 /mo for commercial free. Sad to say I will not be watching what promises to be a decent Trek series and will probably kill the series right out of the shoot. I mean my Amazon Prime is 14 bucks a month and these asses want 10.99 a month for commercial free access. Yeah not happening. Anywho got that outta my system. I'll just watch pirate streams of it cause you know there are gonna be those and if not I'll just pass on the ultimate money grab.
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    The new PvP mode for Ghost Recon Wildlands’ feels well balanced and has the promise of being a tactical shooter worthy of the Tom Clancy branding. That’s my initial take, having sampled the new beta that everyone can play this weekend, even if they don’t own Wildlands. The 4v4 tactical team deathmatch is available to play until September 25. The standalone download is available to try on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and the full PvP mode will arrive as a free update this fall for anyone who owns the game. Despite sounding like a simple team deathmatch experience, you only get one life per match in a best of three games, so you’ll rely heavily on team communication. You start with a Recruit class with a pretty standard loadout and a recon drone at your disposal, but you’ll eventually earn skill points to unlock new class types for specific roles. Also, Ubisoft balances Ghost War by only allowing one of each class type per team. This game mode would be a filthy sniper fest if everyone was allowed to choose the Sniper class. Twelve different classes will be available at launch, but the beta lets us test out two from each category. The Assault category has the Pointman class, which is a soldier with a 20% health boost and immunity from suppression and flash grenades. The Tank is a heavy class with the option of a Stoner light machinegun or the P90. In the Marksman category, you can test out the Sniper class or choose the Enforcer if you want to provide advanced suppression cover, which can disrupt the enemy’s aim. The Support role has the Scout class, which comes equipped with a recon drone and a motion detector for tagging enemies for your squad. The Artillery class has a powerful mortar drone, and you definitely don’t want to be caught in its range. The full mode will hopefully have a few more loadout options, as classes only have one or two gun choices each. You also can’t choose any attachments for the guns, so I’m not sure if we’ll see the addition of grips or other sights. A new ‘suppressing fire’ PvP mechanic distorts the enemy’s view as you fire around their cover. I prefer to play as the Pointman to counter the suppression and flash grenades, and the class also has a pretty sweet ACR assault rifle. The beta offers five maps with diverse terrain, and the time of day will vary. Quarry is a narrow, L-shaped map with high sniper points, while Desert Outpost is large and open for great long-range gunfights. Most of my games took place during the daytime, but I loved matches that started at dusk, because the gradual transition to nightfall provided a much greater challenge. Weather elements can also change the game, especially when you can’t hear well in a full-on storm. Rain or shine, the game plays really smooth. There weren’t any real issues encountered on day one, which is usually a good start for a beta. Partying up with friends was painless and without any unfortunate disconnects. We found matches right away, but we did experience lengthy load times getting into the game. Originally, I worried how tactical this team deathmatch mode would feel, but I was surprised by how much fun and teamwork was involved. I think the biggest challenge here will be the size of the player base. If you traded your game because you feared PvP mode was never going to arrive, the beta might be a great time to jump back in. Ubisoft has even teased more classes, maps, and a new mode coming in the future, so I’m curious to see what comes next.
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    Hurry back i am sniping people you got to see this Sent from my SM-G928G using Tapatalk
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    Lol that bagger is the in bike. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
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    yes it has been a bad day all around.
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