Server Admin Guidelines



Suspected Cheating: When a player is suspected cheating, the following guidelines should be used:

  • Check the player's stats, if available
  • Spectate the player to see if they are doing anything unusual or impossible
  • Seek the opinion of other admins and players in TeamSpeak
  • After checking the player's stats and spectating them, admins should console with other admins and receive guidance. If “unanimously" agreed, the player will then be banned using the admin tool. Banning a player should be a "last resort," and must "only" be used when it is "blatantly" obvious the player is using artificial means to gain advantage in the server.
  • All banned players will be reported in the Bans section of the forums. Any banned player not listed in the Ban section will be immediately removed.

Racism:  The Armory has "Zero" tolerance for racist comments.  There may be instances where a user might use a slang word like “nigga,” for example, which is a common word used in many rap artist’s music. In this situation, the admin should warn the player not to use it, and kick them if they fail to comply.  If a player were to use the "N" word, they WILL be permanently banned form the server.

Other Kick-able & Ban-able Offenses:  Although server(s) have no server rules, you may find certain players who interfere with gameplay, such as trolling the chat, intentionally team killing (TKing) other players, for example. These types of offenses should be handled with a kick versus a ban, initially, and a ban if they are persist with their bad behavior. The admin may also decide to just simply "kill" the player with a message telling him to "knock it off".
MAP CYCLE:  The map cycle will comprised of all available Conquest Maps, and will not be altered.  If voting is available at some point, and no voting has taken place, the admin may manually change the map after conferring with other admins and users in the Teamspeak channel. 

MOVING PLAYERS:  We will help move players to be with their friends ,when possible.

ADMIN CONDUCT:  Admins will be friendly to all player at all times.  Admins must be helpful, vigilant, and always help promote a friendly environment to play in.

ADMIN REQUIREMENTS:  Admins must use TeamSpeak while they admin the server.

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