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Nov 8th BF1 Update

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We are pleased to announce that the Battlefield 1 Operation Campaigns Update will start rolling out November 8th. The download is required for all Battlefield 1 players.
The Update will be automatically deployed to your platform on Wednesday, November 8th across all platforms with the following downtimes:

PC: Multiplayer will be offline for 2h starting 08.00 UTC / 12.00 AM PT.

PS4: Multiplayer will be offline for 2h starting 10.00 UTC / 2.00 AM PT.

Xbox One: Multiplayer will be offline for 2h starting 12.00 UTC / 4.00 AM PT.

Be sure to tune in to the Operations Campaign Live Stream, live from DICE LA, at 9PM UTC/1PM PDT on November 8th with special guests and our very own DICE LA developers.

Update notes will be posted here once the Update is live. Be sure to check back once maintenance is complete.

Thank you for your patience and see you on the battlefield!

The Teams at EA/DICE

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When we’re running an active campaign, you’ll be greeted by a slightly different user interface on the Operation globe screen. The Operation Campaign tracker, located at the bottom right corner of the screen, will indicate which Operations are part of the active campaign, the necessary cumulative score you need to unlock your reward, and the amount of time remaining before the active campaign ends. You’ll also notice a small star on particular Operation icons, signifying that it is part of the active campaign.

Participate in these Operations and your end of round score will be applied toward the progress of unlocking a Battlepack reward. PTFO to maximize your score, but be sure to stick around until the end of the match to have it applied toward your progress. Try to unlock as many rewards as you can before the active campaign expires.


Just over 100 years ago, the French Battle of La Malmaison took place in the foggy, cold night of October 23, 1917. Now, every Battlefield 1 player can join the fight for the heavily fortified Chemin des Dames ridge, in the Nivelle Nights map. Battlefield 1 Premium Pass and Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass owners have been enjoying this map since its release, and we’re thrilled to announce that it’s available now to all Battlefield 1 players.


Battlefield 1 is now compatible with Dolby’s High Dynamic Range standard. With a compatible graphics card and TV, you can enjoy Battlefield 1 mastered for Dolby Vision HDR colors and brightness.


RSP administrators can now restart the current running level on their server, which will fully reload the level and reset destruction.
RSP administrators can now select another level to load when choosing to restart the match.
RSP administrators can now add up to 32 maps in a rotation.


Players are now able to track all five active Medals at the same time.
New weapon skins coming to a Battlepack near you!

Fixed an issue that caused in-game player icons to become transparent.
Fixed an issue where some players found themselves stuck on the globe screen.
Possible fix for an issue where players occasionally experienced a red tint when taking damage, regardless of health status.
Removed the HUD of a multiplayer feature, Specializations, from appearing in single player and hardcore experiences.
Fixed an issue where the supply drop icon would render multiple times on the Table Top view, in Spectator mode.
Improved the Gamepad Control Schemes options screen, to display when there are more than two actions mapped to a single button.
Fixed an issue where weapons and gadgets would sometimes show older icons when button mappings/key bindings were changed.
Fixed key binding issue when using the 305/52 O Coastal Gun.
Removed duplicate AT Grenade icon from Elite Class Weapons & Gadgets.
Addressed an issue with a missing ammo counter while on a horse.
Fixed an alignment issue in the netgraph UI.


If resupplied, the Scout class now has the ability to place a second tripwire of each type (i.e. gas, incendiary, bomb HE), without cancelling the first.
Fixed an issue where throwing certain gadgets onto vehicles could result in uncharacteristically large impact sounds.
Added the Mosin Nagant M91 as the standard issue rifle for the Russian and Bolshevik factions in custom games.
Fixed an issue where auto-reload would sometimes add an extra bullet in the chamber on some weapons.
Adjusted the brightness of smoke and muzzle flashes on semi-auto rifles.
Fixed an issue that was prohibiting grenades from being replenished with an ammo pouch/crate.
Fixed an issue where some players could activate the speed boost in air planes without unlocking the ability first.


Fixed issue with supply drops landing on Galicia bridge negatively affecting players.
Adjusted the Red Tide Operation layout in Volga River, providing more options of approach for attackers.
Improved Conquest layout, spawns, and capture zones on Brusilov Keep for better balance.
Removed Elite pickups from Team Deathmatch in Argonne Forest.
Fixed an issue where players experienced the inability to unmount the FK.96 Field Gun in Argonne Forest.
Fixed an issue that caused Mother’s voice to cutoff while transitioning to 2nd map in the Red Tide Operation.
Improved an issue where the globe would sometimes display when transitioning between maps in an Operation.


When deploying on a squadmate and the squadmate dies while the camera is transitioning, the deploy will now be cancelled and player will return to deploy screen.
When deploying directly into gas the gasmask will now automatically activate.
When deploying directly into the air the parachute will now automatically activate.
Fixed an intermittent issue where players could become invisible.
Reduced the camera shake when taking damage.
Addressed an issue that caused servers to reset when playing Operations, resulting in players returning to the frontend with a “Server is under maintenance” message.
Fixed an issue that prohibited players from spawning with various weapons and vehicles in pre-round.
Fixed an issue where a Squad Leader promotion count down occurred during the end of round screens.
Fixed an issue that reset Vsync refresh rates to the desktop refresh rate.
Please note: This is a required update for all Battlefield 1 players to play online. The above fixes will apply to all Battlefield 1 players.

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yeah, we need to try the 6 play start again. The RSP has been bugged the last week. I was told everything is back to like it was a week ago. So it might be working again. We can kick and move players again.

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LOL, I just went in both the in game and outside game controls for admin and there are no changes.  OMG these people kill me.

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It would have been nicer to have a set next map rather restart the round onto a new map. Oh well, some good fixes though. Too bad the game is so stale until the next DLC comes out. 

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And still no presets, none of the remaining items on the required tools list have been touched, and no preset based QM feeds.  I'm so over DICE/EA and the shitty way they deal with customers and the way they are pandering to a group that has the attention span of gnats over the dedicated communities that have made the BF franchise what it is today.  The new Battlefield better be one spectacular piece of software otherwise I'm done.  

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The only way to show them is to not buy from them. 

Activision is starting to wake up to the fact that they are missing out on PC market money.

EA knows that 1/3 of their income comes from PC sales.


I can not wait to see SWBF2 fail and for DISNEY to drop the Star Wars ip from EA. That will cost EA billions.

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