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Battlefield 2018.

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Axlerod    982

EA has now confirmed it is working on a new Battlefield game to debut in 2018.

Following up on 2016's Battlefield 1, EA now says it is working on the next entry in the franchise for a 2018 release. As reported by Battlefield Bulletin, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the news in the company's first quarter fiscal year 2018 earnings call.

NEWS: #EA's #FY18Q1 investor call. Andrew Wilson confirms that "the next great game in the Battlefield franchise" will be released in 2018. pic.twitter.com/Oyac8NUWC7

— Battlefield Bulletin (@BFBulletin) July 28, 2017

The latest entry in the series, Battlefield 1, launched last year as brutal venture into the carnage of World War I. The game was generally well received and has gained quite a bit of new content since release.

The theme and setting of 2018's Battlefield are still a mystery, and it'll likely remain that way for some time. Battlefield 1 still has a few expansions left, and EA likely won't want to take the spotlight off of it so soon.


EA also said it will be on the Frostbite engine. BF1 is on frostbite 3. No word if it will be an updated version. I expect it to be on frostbite 3. This confirms my suspicions the BF1 is more or less a beta for something bigger. I believe that swbf was more of an alpha game. So battlefield 2018 should be more stable like BF3 was. Just no word on RSP or 3rd party servers. We all know that EA wants to move away from them for some reason but they can't. 




RUMORED expected release date is May 2018. Also rumored is WW2, BF5, and BF2143. I will post more as I get the info.

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Darksorrow    34

If they do another WW2, Ide like to see that they bring back the ability to drive battleships and carriers and have submarines.


Would love to see 2143, I miss Titan mode.

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NetRngr    180
On 8/10/2017 at 0:15 AM, Waveman said:

I'd be happy with something similar to bf4 , current time and weapons, with bf1 graphics and hosted servers.

If they dont have 3rd party servers im pretty much passing on it. They have proven they dont give a shit about the clans or communities renting servers so I pretty much am not gonna give a shit about their profit margin.

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