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  2. Banned

    Please be advised that previously we had access to chat logs, screen caps, etc etc. These tools have not been provided in BF1 for administrators so server admins on ANY server will not be able to provide you with these items as they once could have. We wish we could but it's just really not feasible at this time.
  3. Had an opening for the pinhead position I see.
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  5. Banned

    I will talk to someone about it
  6. Banned

    first time I ever play on your server, for not over 20 minutes, I barely even chat, even less would make a racist comment nor was i given a warning. Just asking politely, after goign through the trouble of finding ur website and making an account to kindly ask to lift the ban. Don´t see why I´m getting all this negative feed back.
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  8. Banned

    We dont take screenshots of every person who makes a racist comment, if we did, well, thatd be a waste of time and space. Unfortunately we dont have a way to post rules in the server about racism and such, but we dont like toxicity. And if you were given a warning and still did it.. well
  9. Server start today, or any day for that matter

    Ill play when i can, im working a lot though and county fair coming up so i gotta do stuff there
  10. Banned

    No you can't. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
  11. BF1 July Patch Update (partial)

    It did not make it in this patch any ways. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
  12. At have to wait for a preset. If not, the server is custom and no one will find the server to join. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
  13. I have all the settings noted. You can do a 100% classic mode now....today. It will however be 100% unfindable in the browser unless you know the name of the server. Yeah I gcould spend hours and hours advertising it on different boards twitter etc but really I would actually like to play it and not spend that time doing PR work.
  14. Last week
  15. Banned

    racist comment? what ? can i see a screen shot of this?
  16. Supposedly classic is coming but they would not answer about presets. BTW server is still full from last night. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
  17. Banned

    Gee the nonexistent chat filter we've been asking for since like almost a year ago wouldda come in handy here huh lol.
  18. Will give it a try next time I do a refresh on my Drivers. Thanks!
  19. BF1 July Patch Update (partial)

    That would be a negative GhostRider. Apparently the pattern was full. Oh and guaranteed that will set the server as custom and unfindable.
  20. I guess I'm just kind of jaded at the moment. BF1 has pretty much lost all appeal to me due to the changes they are making and more importantly those they refuse to make. I SOOO want to build up a classic mode server yet two of the easiest features they could implement, Official Presets for Core, HC, and classic modes, and making them official presets in the server browser with associated Preset based QM feeds, remain ignored. Honestly the code for this exists and can basically be copied, pasted and then tweaked. These would benefit the clans more than anything and make the RSP program levels better. I posted on the CTE forum today basically begging them to pass the info along to whomever should see it but hold out little hope it will even be noted by them. Pretty much disgusted with the whole thing as it is now. Glad you guys are able to get the server up and running and wish I felt compelled to play the game it's just not really turning my cranks at the moment but as you all know I'm a cranky old bastard so who knows.
  21. As of 9am. The server is full with 8 in que Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
  22. thanks for the replies. Yah. .. I'm writing it off to a one time experience. My mate and one other were at 100 or over last night thru 4 or 5 maps and never had a problem.
  23. You obviously have not played bf1 in the last few months work all the changes and maps then. I hate gay xxx movies too. Have fun watching Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Tapatalk
  24. Server start today, or any day for that matter

    I think I would rather miss out, or go play Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded: The XXX version
  25. BF1 platoon

    Try now
  26. BF1 platoon

    Tried that. Still show pending application.
  27. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  28. if you are not playing BF1 now, you are missing out
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