Dev Talks 2 (Beta feedback and coming changes)

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Good stuff ...very interesting to watch

DICE is making larger maps for Battlefield V

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It appears there's been some discussion on Twitter concerning Battlefield V map size. Apparently some comments were being made about the maps not being very large, so DICE has put out a few tweets discussing how they are designing large maps for the game. They wanted to let everyone know that they are presently working on a map called “Hamada,” which will be over 1500 meters from the...

TeamSpeak vs. Discord

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Prior to renting the TeamSpeak VPS test server, I tested Discord extensively for a week to see if it offered the same or better functionality as TeamSpeak. My findings were as follows:

Discord Pros
  • Includes a web widget (although the widget does not auto expand and has a set height, which requires scrolling if too many users are online)
  • Has the ability to act as an online...

Claim Battlefield 1 Premium Pass for FREE this week

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( The Open Beta was One Stop on the Road to Battlefield™ V (Offer Ends September 18)
We're celebrating players through launch. Earn Battlefield V rewards*, like gear, weapon skins, and more just for playing Battlefield 1.

Battlefield V Beta for free on September 6

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  • 2 Play the Battlefield V Beta for free on September 6: Watch a deep dive on Battlefield V, including details on our new Battle Royale mode 'Firestorm', Single Player War Stories, Multiplayer maps and modes, and our free...

Battlefield V Beta Pre-Download Available to Origin Access Members

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Go to and log in. Once logged in, go to the Battlefield V game tile and select "Try First"
This will start the download process. The file is 12.44 GB in size. All others can download a few days later.

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